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Therapy Equipment Hire


The Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT) is characterised by a 3-dimensional non-aggressive vibration, generated by a patented electromechanical oscillator.  There is an obvious difference you can feel when compared to an ordinary vibrating massage unit. These conventional units produce an aggressive “slapping” or “pounding” aggressive vibration.

Equissage Pulse has a special suspensory system that generates therapy in a circular motion in every direction. This type of suspension causes the energy of the Equissage Pulse to penetrate deeply, but gently throughout your horse’s entire body, for optimal results.

Those results have shown the following:

Increased Circulation and Localised Blood Flow, which is essential for fast, effective recovery and rehabilitation. The Equissage Pulse Back Pad will help to stimulate blood through at least 2 foot of tissue and bone to provide a full body massage. The Equissage Pulse Hand Unit will improve local blood flow, stimulating fresh, nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to areas you need it most, providing a healing environment to treat problem areas and speed up the recovery process. It is fantastic for localised massage and therapy.


Magnetic Therapy

Our equestrian magnet therapy range is endorsed by vets and trainers worldwide...Magnet therapy is becoming increasingly popular and has produced positive effects for horses of all ages. Magni-Teque products can help relieve symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, aches and pains. They are also great for relaxing horses and warming up muscles before exercise. Choose from a range of products each designed to target specific areas; magnetic rug, magnetic boot wraps, magnetic boot wrap liners, magnetic poll band, magnetic brow band, magnetic fetlock boots, magnetic hock boots, magnetic knee boots, magnetic hoof boots. Alternatively we manufacture horse infrared therapy products which could be suited to your horse.

Magnetic rugs for horses - Endorsed by vets & trainers worldwide- Combing USA’s technology in magnets with our experience in horse rugs and boots we have enjoyed worldwide success in all disciplines of the equine industry and helped many a top race horse, event horse, dressage horse, etc. to keep training and competing with the aid of our Magnet Therapy Products.


Infra-red Therapy

Our infrared horse products can really help maximise your horse's performance potential...

Use our infrared horse rug to increase strength & energy levels, improve circulation, reduce pain and lactic acid build up. We also sell infrared horse boots which can help improve symptoms of arthritis. Don't forget to look up our magnetic horse products.

The Nano-Tec Infrared Therapy Rug is ideal for pre warm-up to help improve stamina and post exercise for cool down.

It has been developed to help re-energise and maximise your horse's athletic performance potential.

Infrared rugs can also help reduce lactic acid build up caused by fatigue, which decreases recovery time.

As well as providing Infrared technology the lining is moisture wicking, breathable and acts as an anti-chill barrier.


Ice Vibe

The ICE-VIBE boots are rechargeable vibrating boots that help to boost circulation in horse's legs by creating a massage effect. They combine the effects off cooling and massage therapy to effectively treat strains, ligament and tendon damage. The massage effect helps to stimulate the lymph system to remove soreness and swelling as well as improving circulation. Everyday wear and tear on joints can be managed with daily use of the boots and rehabilitation through injury can be achieved more effectively.



Using the boots before you ride can assist you to prepare your horses legs for exercise in the stable



After exercise you can use the vibrating boots with the inner cold packs creating cold circulation



Assists your horse to repair wear and tear whilst in the stable or out in the field, both before and after exercise

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